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► 97 million consumers are within a day's drive. Interstate routes I-264 and I-64 (west) link the region to Interstate routes I-85 and I-95 (north/south.

► Norfolk is within a two-day truck drive of approximately 70% of the U.S. population and over 307,000 manufacturing establishments.

► The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel provides direct access to the New Jersey / New York corridor and saves 90 miles over the alternate route through Washington, D.C.

► Hampton Roads is located within a Foreign Trade Zone.

► Norfolk Southern line is headquartered in Hampton Roads and the area is served by CSX as well. Two Class 1 double stacked rail providers serve numerous locations directly on the various ports.

► Chicago can be reached by rail in 47 hours.

► Norfolk International and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airports provide service to more than 26 airports, 16 of which are international gateways.

► Over 95% of the world’s shipping lines call on the Port of Hampton Roads, linking Virginia to almost 400 ports in more than 100 countries worldwide. Hampton Roads is home to the 3rd largest port on the East Coast and the only port positioned for continuous expansion.

  • 50 ft. deep mud-bottom channels – the deepest on the U.S. East Coast
  • Year-round, ice-free operations
  • One of the busiest general cargo ports in the East
  • The ONLY East Coast port equipped today to handle the megaships which are able to transit the Panama Canal
  • The Port of Virginia is home to the largest and fastest container cranes in the world
  • The Port of Virginia has had no labor strikes in over 30 years

► Virginia Maritime Association and the Virginia Ship Repair Association are supporting associations in the region.

► Old Dominion University has created the Maritime Institute to provide world quality maritime, ports and logistics management education, training and research to meet region and national needs. The school also offers master's degrees in maritime and port management.

► Tidewater Community College has created the Southeast Maritime Transportation Center to focus on increasing the number of well-qualified, skilled technicians in the maritime and transportation industry.

► The Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, in partnership with NASA, offers a "one stop shopping" place for low cost, safe, reliable, user friendly space launch facilities and services for commercial, government and scientific/academic users, both foreign and domestic. MARS' mission is to develop and operate a multi user spaceport at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility which provides low cost, safe, reliable, "schedule friendly" space access to commercial, government, and academic users, in partnership with:

  • Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority
  • NASA
  • Virginia Economic Development Partnership
  • Old Dominion University
  • Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology
  • Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development Partnership

► The Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding and Carrier Integration Center works with related industries and educational facilities to create technologies for aircraft carrier and advanced shipbuilding. In addition, many technologies are born here such as Bioelectrics which utilizes laser engineering in its study of aquatic microorganisms in ballast water. Our Shipbuilders include:

Top Trading Partners
Top Commodities
Import Export
1. China 1. Italy
2. Brazil 2. Netherlands
3. Germany 3. Brazil
4. India 4. United Kingdom
5. Italy 5. China
6. Turkey 6. Turkey
7. Canada 7. South Korea
8. France 8. Morocco
9. Spain 9. Japan
10. Netherlands 10. France
Source: Port of Virginia
Import Export
1. Machinery 1. Mineral Fuel, Oil, Etc.
2. Salt; Sulfer; Earth; Stone 2. Wood
3. Furniture and Bedding 3. Misc. Grain, Seed, Fruit
4. Misc Grain, Seed, Fruit 4. Woodpulp, Etc.
5. Beverages 5. Cereals
6. Plastic 6. Food Waste; Animal Feed
7. Vehicles, Not Railway 7. Plastic
8. Mineral Fuel, Oil Etc. 8. Mineral Fuel, OIl Etc.
9. Fertilizers 9. Fertilizers
10. Wood 10. Wood
Port of Virginia

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