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Norfolk's arts and attractions range from the Chrysler Museum of Art, which explores 5,000 years of civilization through a world-class collection, stunning glass galleries, and interpretive programs; to the new NEON District, which brings new life and activity to the area north of Norfolk's traditional downtown area.

MetalMatisse is one of Norfolk's newest public art installations, located in MacArthur Square across the street from MacArthur Center. It is an interactive, stainless-steel, light and sound sculpture designed to compliment the formal European landscape of MacArthur Square. Each flower gives an individual response when prompted by visitors. Periodically the entire sculpture comes to life in an orchestrated chorus of light and sound. Vase and bouquet are loosely adapted from paintings of flowers by French artist Henri Matisse.

Norfolk Department of Economic Development Mission

Generate wealth for the City of Norfolk through business expansion, enhancement, and new business development complementary to our neighborhoods.

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