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The  Mayor, City Council, and City Manager encourage productive communication among residents, developers, staff and other stakeholders during the development review process. This guide is intended to provide information about the review process that will help developers and neighborhood residents foster a higher level of communication.   Though this Development Guide provides general guidance through the land development process in the City of Norfolk, it is not intended to provide every requirement or technical detail of each phase of land development, rather it is intended to provide a broad overview of the various requirements necessary to secure the appropriate land entitlements to develop a property.

Norfolk Development Process 

The City of Norfolk’s standards, policies, and regulations associated with land use and development are created in order to ensure the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens, while protecting the property rights of the land owners. This guide is intended to assist you through the required processes to ensure that you can complete your project successfully and in full compliance with the City regulations.

 The Development Process includes the following:

  1. Proper zoning for the proposed use of the property. Rezoning may be required if the desired development is not permitted under the current Zoning (plus Conditional Use Permit; Architectural Review Board)
  2. Platting of the property, unless the property is already platted or is grandfathered
  3. Obtain Building Permit 
  4. Site Development
  5. Certificate of Occupancy/Final Inspection

The  number of steps in the process are dictated by the  current status of the property   as well as the desired development plans and existing circumstances. In order to determine what steps must be taken to complete the project it is vital to schedule a predevelopment  meeting with City Staff. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposed project and receive feedback from City Staff regarding the submittal process and requirements.  

The City of Norfolk desires quality economic development that provides not only strong capital investment but also quality employment for citizens. The Office of Economic Development serves as a resource for businesses interested in locating or developing in the area.

Norfolk Department of Economic Development Mission

Generate wealth for the City of Norfolk through business expansion, enhancement, and new business development complementary to our neighborhoods.

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