Education at a glance


Norfolk is the educational hub of the region, home to ODU, Norfolk State University, Tidewater Community College, Virginia Wesleyan, and Easter Virginia Medical School. There are seven other outstanding colleges and universities throughout Hampton Roads, plus four more community colleges. Combined with the other educational institutions listed below, these schools provide a variety of courses, locations, and traditions to suit a wide range of people who are on the road to achieving a solid education that benefits businesses here in Norfolk.

Hampton Roads higher education at a glance:

Colleges & Universities

Community Colleges

Other Educational Centers

About the Education Level of the Hampton Roads Population 25 years and older…

  • 89.8% of population has at least a high school diploma
  • 28.7% of population has a college degree or higher
  • 37.5% of population has an Associates Degree or higher

The area has a very robust higher education system:

  • 99,732 students enrolled in 2013-2014


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